30 October 2016 - Sarvabhavana says "... I have recently visited Meghri, birth place of my brother Sachisuta Prabhu which is 400km away from Yerevan. I have also  visited Sachisuta Prabhus grave stone and offered him English and Hindi version of Salted bread."

1 June 2016 - New edition of Salted Bread available

27 January 2016 - (missed the first 15 minutes due to technical problems, sorry) (you'll now need to get this at Mandakini devi and Kirtiraj and Hari Puja tell about the earliest days of Krishna Consciousness in the old Soviet Union

25 February 2015 - Vrindavan Prabhu visits Sri Dhama Mayapur

4 November 2010 - Russia Allocates Land for Construction of Krishna Temple

November 9, 2007 Mumbai "Salted Bread" theatrical  production

September 13, 2007 Moscow Temple Update

April 10, 2007 MOSCOW TEMPLE NEWS ! 


 March 25, 2007Salted Bread is published

Sriman Sarvabhavana Prabhu's book "Salted Bread" has  accomplished first printing.  See  photos here.  Link to the old early edited version of the Introduction HERESriman Advaita Candra  das   is doing the publishing: "We are going to launch the book in Kolkata  first in the coming month and then in the USA later in the year."

Being interviewed by Telegraph newspaper reporters,and the  article about the book original article HERE.


August 1, 2005 News about HG Sacisuta  Prabhu's mother's passing

October 14, 2005 Moscow Mayor  retracts Moscow Temple land deal !!



Feb 1, 2005  excerpts and  about this important new book here:

"SALTED BREAD, The  True Story of Two Good Friends" As told to Sachisuta (Sarkis)  Buniatyan  by Sarvabhavana das (Gagik Buniatyan)