Subject: please post it
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 04:43:55 -0700


Dear devotees all over the world, please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Couple of days back expired mother of a very famous devotee, Sachisuta Prabhu from Armenia due to illness and I have come to know about it some hours ago.

He was a great soul who dedicated everything including his own body for Krishna's service and passed away in Russian prison camp in 1988. As a result of his sacrifice and devotees demonstration ISKCON was registered officially in former USSR.

He was convicted in 1986 for Srila Prabhupada's transcendental book production and distribution, and was arrested many times in different cities in the USSR.

No matter how harsh they were with him in the prison camp, until his last day 26th of December, he was chanting his rounds and as a matter of fact he left his body wile seating lotus and with a smiling face chanting the Holy Names on his beads made of bread. He covered his body with tilakas using toothpaste and used bedsheet as dhoti and he made paper flower garland for himself and peacefully left this material world and surely went back home back to godhead.

For more details about Sachisuta Prabhu you can read in where is already advertised a new upcoming book called "Salted Bread" (about 300 pages) written by me which will have all the stories and remembrances of Hare Krishna in USSR in the early 80's. We are expecting to have this book out within three to four month time frame.

His parents also lost his elder brother in a terrible car crash two years back and the family is in very deep grief. Apart from all these unfortunate situations they are also having financial difficulties and need urgent support from all of us.

Dear devotees PLEASE help and support Sachisuta Prabhu's father and only sister if you can and as much as you can. I think they have deserved to be helped and supported. Even a little contribution will help them up to stabilize and have no worries for a while until they start leading a normal life.

If anyone would like to send some donations, you can do so by sending it to me and after that I'll put all together and send it to his father.

You can send your donations via western union or any other money transfer services to GAGIK BUNIATYAN, Kolkata, India. You can also send checks as well to same name to this Address:

41B North Range apt.
16 Kolkata 700017

You can also transfer directly to my account using this account number.

AC.NO 025-301649-006
BANK ADDRESS: 31 Shakespire Sharani Kolkata 700017 India

I'll really appreciate your help and support, and may Krishna bless all of you. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at any time at or by mobile number +91-033-9831770846.

With great respects and appreciation,

your servant

Sarvabhavana Das